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Holiday on the Pacific Dawn

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Last week I woke up every morning on the Pacific Ocean. Not sailing, but on the 811ft Pacific Dawn with my family for a holiday. I have to admit it took me awhile to get into holiday mode. It was quite strange to suddenly have very little to do (other than sleeping and eating of course!) after such a hectic schedule over the last few months. 

On the days we were at sea, I did some pretty serious sleeping in and on the days we were in port, it was great to explore the local markets, beaches and waterfalls in New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Places I’d loved to have stopped at when I was passing that way this time last year. 

You can’t really compare Ella’s Pink Lady to P&O’s Pacific Dawn which was pretty much a floating city. But either way it was great to be back on the water and I wasn’t going to complain about the extra luxuries! I’d like to think that I didn’t eat too badly whilst on Ella’s Pink Lady, but I can’t say the food really measured up either! 

Other than getting to spend some time with my brother (he’s still as annoying as ever!) and sisters and learning to dance (cough, cough!), the other highlight of the week was visiting the bridge and talking to the Captain and the other officers on watch. Before I dreamed of sailing around the world, I dreamed of being the Captain of a ship like the Pacific Dawn.

Everyone on board was really nice we were looked after amazingly by the crew but I have to say by the end of the week the ‘don’t suppose you got sea sick’ and ‘this is a steep up from your last cruise’ jokes were wearing a little thin! A huge thanks to Anne Sherry and all of the team at P&O for making it possible!

This week, things are back to normal and by that, I mean all over the place. I’m in Sydney with a few commitments including a charity lunch, some more media and a few events for Ella Bache during the week, then back to Queensland for some time out on the water this weekend.


Pic: The Watson clan with the Captain!



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