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Kelp and a Seal

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mostly the wind has been sitting on a pleasant 15 to 20 knots pushing Ella's Pink Lady along nicely. But it has dropped off again and so has our good progress with it. There's also a big swell rolling through making the motion pretty uncomfortable and knocking Ella's Pink Lady off course. Just keeping us pointed vaguely in an easterly direction is taking constant adjustments to Parker (windvane). But the good progress over the last few days more than makes up for today's painful sailing.

We've been sailing past lots of little clumps of kelp in the last few days which I haven't seen since near the Falkland Islands.

Yesterday I glanced out the porthole in time to see a very strange fin sticking up in the air. I rushed up on deck in time to see that it was a seal lying on its back with one of its flippers in the air (sorry I didn't manage to get a picture!). It's the first seal I've seen since being out here and I was quite surprised to see it so far from land. But then again, I don't really know much about where seals like to hang out.

Today's been an engine maintenance day but because there wasn't much in the way of maintenance needed, it mostly meant that I spent a bit of time cleaning and getting nice and greasy myself.

I'm going to keep this update short because we're drifting off course again and I need to go correct us.

Less than 1400 nm to go till we're under Australian now!



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